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Below Grade Waterproofing

We are DeckRepairPROS – Sullivan Engineering Inc. – Specializing in Below Grade Waterproofing of Planters, Slabs, Footings, Drain Boards, Retaining Walls.

  • Waterproofing in between concrete slabs, such as parking decks, roof decks or courtyard areas over subterranean parking.
  • Waterproofing below grade exterior walls or foundations and basements or other structures that are to be backfilled.
  • Waterproofing inside planter boxes.
  • Waterproofing under terrazzo or tile floors.
  • Waterproofing under showerpans, kitchen, laundry and bathroom floors.
  • Tank Waterproofing, Marine Coatings.
  • Shipyard and Shipboard Waterproofing, Marine Deck Coatings.

MiraDRAIN – Drainage Boards

Drainage plays a critical role in the design and construction of below grade applications. Without proper drainage, groundwater seepage may cause hydrostatic pressure and leakage, resulting in structural damage. MiraDRAIN’s multi-directional flow design allows a continuous path for water discharge, eliminating the potential for hydrostatic pressure build up. It allows water to pass freely into the drainage core, where it is gravity fed into the CCW QuickDRAIN drainage collection system.

CCW MiraDRAIN 9900 – With 33,000 psf and a flow rate exceeding that of a geonet by more than 90%, the compressive strength of this system exceeds all geocomposite sheet drains and geonets available today. Its woven geotextile fabric suited to receive a directly poured concrete topping. CCW MiraDRAIN 9900 withstands the stresses and strains caused by vehicular traffic and other high compressive strength situations. Ideal for use on plaza decks, split slab construction and in locations that encounter emergency traffic.

CCW MiraDRAIN 9800 The superior heavy weight non-woven geotextile fabric on the new CCW MiraDRAIN 9800 provides unmatched filtration, preventing small particles of soil from clogging the drainage channel while allowing the water to flow through the dimple core and into the discharge system. Its high compressive strength meets the needs of most horizontal applications. Ideal for use on green roofs, landscaping and planters.


Elasto-Deck BT1000 Vertical and Bituthene waterproofing membranes for basements and sub-structures.  Bituthene is ideal for waterproofing concrete, masonry and wood surfaces. Foundation walls, tunnels, earth sheltered structures and split slab construction, both above and below grade.


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